Generals and Officers

Generals and Officers
Generals and Officers
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Sarmatian Generals ..
WE-G14 Sarmatian Generals..
Skythian Generals
WE-G12 Skythian Generals 3x mounted ..
Thracian Generals
WE-G13 Thracian Generals 4 x mounted..
Later Republic Roman Generals
WE-G25 Later Republic Roman Generals 4x mounted ..
Republican Roman Generals
WE-G24 Republican Roman Generals 3x mounted, 4x Lictors ..
Carthaginian & Numidian Generals
Carthaginian & Numidian Generals WE-G20 6x Carthaginian Generals mounted includes Hannibal..
Macedonian & Early Successor Generals
WE-G17 Macedonian & Early Successor Generals 7x mounted ..
Greek Generals
WE-G15 Greek Generals 3x mounted, 9x foot  ..
Achaemenid Generals
WE-G11 Achaemenid Generals 1x Light Chariot, 6x mounted..
Classical Indian Generals
WE-G16 Classical Indian Generals 1x Elephant, 1x 4-horse chariot, 3x mounted..
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