Occult Wars

Occult Wars
Occult Wars
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Occult Wars

Occult Wars is a tabletop skirmish war game designed by Stealthy Spider Publishing.

If you're the kind of person who when out shopping wonders what you would do if ever the dead would suddenly rise from the ground in a flesh-eating frenzy, then this may well be a set of rules that you should buy.

— Lee Lowe, Review of Occult WarsWargames Journal 7, Feb. 2007

In Occult Wars, players represent rival gangs, clans, or packs of humansvampireswerewolvesangelszombiesdemons, and other similar creatures. Also included are rules for making mixed gangs consisting of, for example, humans and werewolves.

The game rules include methods for designing creatures with different types of strengths and weaknesses. For example, players can create vampires that are invulnerable to sunlight and crucifixes, but have weaknesses to electricity and gold. The rules also include a system for character advancement, similar to those of many role-playing games, allowing players to create campaigns linking together multiple games.

According to the publishers, Occult Wars is recommended for people aged 14 years and older.

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